A Little About Us

hero-pizza-basil-ovenHey, all you pizza lovers! We’ve got the best pizza within 50 miles! You’re missing the real “thing” if you haven’t had our pizza! Our goal is to serve you a healthier Neapolitan pizza (750 calories), with all natural ingredients, in a very short amount of time…like 90 seconds!

The pizza is served hot! It’s a thin crust pizza, baked in a 900 degree Italian Brick oven from Italy. Whatever kind of pizza you order, we’ll top it off with crushed marzano tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese. Add our house salad with our homemade dressing, and you’ll never want to eat in another Pizzeria – Just Sfumatos!

Our Team

Sfumato-TeamThere are 3 partners in the family business. There’s Mark Slemp, his adult son, Matthew Slemp and Ann Plageman. Mark has owned the building for 20 years and had a carpentry shop that he and Matt used before turning it into a pizzeria. The long–term goal is to do more construction on the pizzeria. We have a seating capacity of 35, but we’re still able to handle large crowds because of the quick turnovers. Most of the art in the pizzeria is painted by Ann, who also helps with food prep, serving the food, and clean up. We chop and buy our wood and it’s stored next to our building!

Matthew learned how to make the Neapolitan pizzas when he took a course in California. It made sense because we knew we needed quick turnovers because our Pizzeria is so small. Our days are long, but we love doing everything we can to make you want to come back!

What Sets Us Apart

Sfumato-DoughWe make our own dough, which makes 90 pizzas. We add fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, and olive oil, instead of the traditional sauce. Toppings are Italian sausage, arugala and prociutto Italian ham, pepperoni, and anchovies. We also have red peppers, olives, mushrooms, onions, oregano. pineapple, pepperchinis and fresh garlic. Some of the pizzas we make are recipes that date back to the 1600s. Customers that have been to Italy say we’re doing a great job and that they really like our pizza! There’s a variety of drinks to choose from: sodas, crafted sodas, beers that include tradition as well as special beers, and a large wine list. Leave room for Galato (Italian ice cream) and dark chocolate cake with whipped cream! Yummmm!

Stop By

We’re kind of hard to find if you’re not paying attention (and sometimes if you are). We’re located on hwy 60 just south of Alton. When you get to the turn off to Orange City, turn and go east, which is the opposite direction of Orange City. Go across the highway and there we are! We’re 1 of 3 buildings on the corner of Hwy 60 and K64. (Get Directions)